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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Museum of Islamic Art

  Once again shuttled by our favorite illegal Indian cabby, yesterday we went to the Museum of Islamic Art. And museums usually aren't my thing, but I thought this one was actually interesting- the stuff it had was from the 12-16th centuries, in places like Syria, Egypt, and Iran.
 It was weird, because just to get into the museum, you had to go through security, like it was an airport. I've never had to do that just at a place like that, so it was a new experience for me.
 Once we were dropped off by the taxi, we (my sister, mom and I) met my aunt and went up from the parking garage in a glass elevator (sort of like in Willy Wonka). We then found ourselves in front of the pale, square Museum, with this view in front of us.

The side of the building, overlooking Doha Bay.

Some of the more aesthetically boring buildings, off to the side of us.

The actual Museum!

We first went out onto the little patio-open-air thing.

The windows framing the Doha skyline.

I'm pretty sure the architects who built the city didn't even
look at the other buildings; no two skyscrapers are even vaguely alike.

I think this might be one of those things they put on the water to
get energy from the waves, but I have no idea...

Pirates! Oh... wait... no, just ships reminiscent of Doha's
pearling days.

The stairs inside the Museum, which were giving off some
"Inception"/"Star Trek" vibes.

Just a general view of one of the exhibits...

Some old pottery...

An Egyptian game of backgammon from when
they had no video games. Or Internet. Or movies. Or TV. Just backgammon.

I want one of these pen cases!

A piece of old Arabic writing.

Dang the blurry camera- but I like how they wrote
all over the sides.

An Egyptian vial of perfume.

A war mask- why can't we wear these?!

Again, I think we should start wearing these.

Some more helmets!

Paintings of two Iranian kings, as if seen from windows.

A dagger with a horse-handle of ivory.

A little knife-holder, again from ivory.

An example of knight/horse armor.

More old pottery!

Yes, I know, it's sideways- but this was
the coolest little cafe I've ever seen.

And then the tiniest book I've ever seen! It was, like,
an inch long.


And then, once we got out, I had to take a picture of that building.
It looks like it was made out of LEGOS!

Us leaving.

And then, once we got home, our dinner.
The pizza-lookalike is called "za'atar manakeesh"- it's a traditional Arabic bread
topped with herbs. The paste next to it's hummus, a spread made out of chickpeas,
olive oil, sesame seeds, lemon, and garlic. It's common in the US, but we had to try it
here, since it originated somewhere around here.

 That's all of my pictures... but I have to show you guys one of the Doha skyline at nighttime. 

 Crazy, right?

 That's it! Tomorrow we'll be going to the "Villagio Mall"- it has a river running down the middle, and a rollercoaster inside. I'm excited.
 See you then!


  1. Its soo pretty!! hey how are you liking the food???

  2. That looks really cool. The picture that you commented about for energy was something called a sea snake. I wonder how much energy that sea snake produces?

  3. I really like your blog, Bethy. It's so intriguing and capricious. Nice work.

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